How to Make Your Dog Famous on Social Media

If you are a lover of puppies on social networking, you are likely familiar with Doug the Pug. With this face and his affinity for toddlers, how can you not be daunted by this puppy? So, how can he do it? Or rather, how can his owner get it done? Leslie Mosier, Doug’s individual, gave fellow pet owners a couple of strategies about the best way best to generate their puppies famous on social networking. Naluda Magazine combined some couple of helpful pointers!

Prepare for Your Launch

Mosier stopped her job and chose not to pursue another startup idea to begin constructing Doug’s social networking manufacturer. Mosier stated she spent taking photos of Doug and designing his new before anything was removed. You need to be consistent and shoot many photographs to have one when you want it. Consider having a scheduling tool to program out articles beforehand. Social networking moves fast, so if you’d like your puppy to make it big, you have got to maintain his account upgraded.

Post Consistently


Just like several things, consistency is crucial when seeking to construct your puppy’s social networking after. Mosier stated she shares at least two articles every day on Doug’s accounts. It can be particularly tough to keep up with several pages, so you may want to select one platform (such as Instagram) to begin with and operate from that point. If you are powerful (and have time), it is possible to incorporate different programs into the mixture.

Keep Advertising

“Never cease the grass-roots advertising,” Mosier said. She’s business cards for Doug offering a contact email and data about the best way best to follow him. She is also always prepared to pitch her account to individuals she meets. The worldwide web is a funny thing — you will never know what could go viral. Think about focusing on your pet’s appearance. Consider developing a signature style for the puppy.