How to Improve Your Honda Rideline Gas Mileage

In 2008, record gas prices were recorded, and prices fell to pre-2007 levels. People are trying to find ways to better fuel economy, but they still want SUVs and trucks. One of the most popular cars in 2008 is the Honda Ridgeline.

Drive in Overdrive Gear


Perhaps you have discovered that the shift pattern has a “D” with a ring around it? Driving in overdrive mode helps to improve fuel economy. The engine does not have to run even when you drive in overdrive mode, which reduces the amount of fuel needed to run the car and reduces engine wear. People who do not use cruise control tend to change gears frequently within their speed range. If you cannot maintain a constant speed, you are unlikely to find the best fuel economy your vehicle can offer.

Plan Before Driving


Very often, people prefer to drive. They drive to the grocery store and back home. If you take a few short walks, instead of giving your car enough time to heat the engine properly, the fuel consumption will be about twice as much as you would like. Plan accordingly. In this way, you will not only save money on fuel consumption and car wear, but you will also save something much more valuable to you: time.

You also want to avoid extreme laziness during your errands. In case you want to hesitate a bit when driving in a bank, it is better to turn off the car to avoid wasting fuel and protect yourself from air pollution.

Keep Your Car Up to Date


The last thing to do to increase the fuel economy of your Honda Ridgeline is to be present during maintenance. Follow your car’s manual to know what you can do to keep the fuel economy in place. If you notice a drastic change in fuel consumption, you should take your Ridgeline to a Honda dealer and have them show you there to find out what’s wrong.